They said you could not make it. Prove them wrong.
— Jon Jones

A native of Verona, Mississippi, Jinny originally began as Lil Jin and released a series of mixtapes. While under his father’s label, Spoonful Productionz, he begin producing in order to continue making original content after former producers’ departure from the label. He would go on to create the moniker, Jinsta and also get into audio engineering.


After many years studying various Rap & Hip-Hop artists, Jinny has learned a lot and matured musically. In 2013, Hankins changed his name from “Lil Jin” to “Jinny,” as he would perceived it to be served as a reintroduction of sorts. Following the name change, Jinny release his mixtape, Survival Of The Aftermath: Rebirth, which featured a more aggressive and serious side then his previous years. The self-proclaimed “Prince Of Tha Sipp" was able to transcend his motivation and determination into becoming a rap contender using various inspired hip-hop styles as the vehicle for his clever wordplay and music. In 2014, he returned with an EP titled, Emo Music. 16 days following the release, Jinny and long time friend, DJ Naked Weapon released a collaboration mixtape with New Breed Mafia “We Serious.” Later in the year, Jinny followed up with multiple singles. “Jinny’s Beautiful Pain” further showed his evolution as a determined and open artist.


The man born Jordan Hankins is ready to show you exactly what evolution is all about. “I took a break from music to reinvent myself. I have the formulation and goals set.” Get ready for the second coming of Jinny because he’s more than ready to show you how it’s really done.

Photograph featuring Brandon Kirchhofer